Rediscover the pleasure of tasting exceptional cuisine in a unique setting!

To be able to create art on a table at the top of a mountain and allow us to draw inspiration from the colors of the sky and place a few touches on a plate. Each of our dishes is prepared with care and gentleness, to allow whoever tastes it to have a piece of heaven in his mouth and a glimpse of paradise at the end of his lips while remaining on earth.

The environment in which we position ourselves when cooking or preparing a meal is as important as the environment in which we grow up or hope to evolve. For Villa Hibiscus, it is Nature that serves as our guide and inspiration.

It is so perfect and so detailed that it prompts us to do the same in our humble restaurant. Each food has its place like the clouds above us and each taste has its story like the seeds below us.

Like a painter who paints, every gesture counts. Each part of its canvas has its color just as each food has its delight and its season.

The gourmet restaurant is open in the evening, and also for lunch

We can receive you, by reservation, from Tuesday to Saturday from 7:30 p.m. by offering you 3 choices of gourmet menus
Prices: 100 €, 150 € and 200 € per person

Combining scents and textures is a motto with us, so that you can travel while sitting among us.

We are already happy to be able to welcome you with such a beautiful view.

We want you to feel somewhere else when you come here,

No more worries or sorrows, we will make sure that you have a good time, that you will enjoy from starter until dessert and that you keep good memories.

We also wish to announce you that we will open for lunch time at noon every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

You have the choice between a gastronomic menu or a starter - main course - dessert formula for the value of 80 € per person in front of a panoramic view and in an entirely exclusive and intimate setting.

Being able to serve you with quality is an obligation for us. We estimate you to a point that only fresh seasonal products will be available and at your fingertips accompanied by prestigious wines.

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Sabine and Bastian will be pleased to answer and welcome you.

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